Platinum Plus CI4+

SAE Grade:

  • 15W-40

Premium diesel engine oil designed to meet the stringent requirements of the latest ultra low emission diesel engines where exhaust gas recirculation and protecting after treatment exhaust devices are used.

Performance Level:

  • Exceeds API CI-4
  • Meets VOLVO VDS 3
  • Global DHD 1
  • Cummins 20078
  • ACEA E 7
  • MB 228.3


Recommended for use in modern high performance diesel engines in light & heavy duty trucks, buses, SUVs and passenger cars, off-highway and agricultural equipments fitted with exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology to meet Euro II & Euro III emission norms.

  • The oil has potential to go up to 100000 kms in BS-II/BS-III engines fitted with additional centrifugal oil cleaner
  • Please be guided by OE recommendations for oil drain period.
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