LPT 3718 Chassis

Engine Type Cummins IBSe 5.9 180 40 Bs-IV CR
No. Of Cylinders 6 Inline
Capacity 5883 cc
Max.Engine Output 132.5 Kw @ 2500 Rpm
Max. Torque 700 Nm @ 1200 - 1700 Rpm
Cluth Dia 380 mm
Gearbox type Tata G950 6-Speed
No. of Gears 6F + 1R
Steering Hydraulic Power Steering
Brake Type ABS
Brake Drum Dia. 410 mm
Auxillary Braking System Engine Exhausl Brake
Front Axle Designed Capacity 7500 Kg
Battery 12V x 2 = 24V x 120 Ah
Alternator 90 A
Max. climbing ability 20%
Front Suspension Parabolic Spring
Rear Suspensions Semi-elliptical Leaf Spring
FAW 6000Kg + 6000Kg
RAW 6000Kg + 19000Kg for Pusher Axle/ 19000Kg +6000Kg for Tag Axle
GVW 37000 Kg
Parameter Tag Axle Variant                                      Pusher Axle Variant
Overall Chassis length 10807 mm                                                  10985 mm
Front Overhang 1260 mm                                                    1260 mm
Rear Overhang 800 mm                                                       2155 mm
Wheelbase 6255 mm                                                     6750 mm

Tata 3718 - India's most favourite 5 Axle rigid with choice of two lift axle configurations, Pusher and Tag, gives the best return on investment for customers powered by trusted and proven high performance aggregates delivering best in segment payload, fuel economy, loaded acceleration and drivability. Available with tubeless tyre variants, option of cowl and SIGNA cabin and a range of market-ready fully built solutions (HSD, FSD, Bulker), 3718 is the most ideal choice for heavy duty 37T rigid truck segment.

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